Discount of Checks

Transform them to cash now.

Pasfin offers you the possibility to have immediately access to the checks or deferred date payment notes fund, without having to wait until the payment date. Benefits for your company: *Immediately liquidity when transforming the accounts receivable in to cash. *Improves the cash flow. *Activate the economic cycle of the company. * The collection terms are more efficient.

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Benefits - Discount of Deferred Payment Checks

  • Immediately access to cash without having to wait.
  • Immediately liquidity based on sales.
  • Improves the cash flow.
  • Activate the economic cycle of the company.
  • Improves the financial costs.
  • Improves the control and administration.
  • Reduce the administrative structure of the company.
  • Reduce the collectivity terms, making it more efficient.

Maturity: Minimum 30 days - Maximum 180 days.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): Between 18% (minimum) and 36% (maximum).

The Effective APR applied to all the products we offer fluctuate according to supply and demand, but they respect the interest rate limits established in Article 1 of Law No. 2339/2003 "ORGANIZATION OF THE CENTRAL BANK OF PARAGUAY ", since we are aware that the excess can lead to the nullity of our operations.

Practical example for a 12 months installment loan of PYG 100,000,000.-

With the maximum rate allowed by CBP regulation:

  • Loan amount: PYG 100.000.000.-
  • Administrative expenses (2%): PYG 2,000,000.-
  • Transfer expenses: PYG 500,000.-
  • Total Capital to be financed: PYG 102,500,000.-
  • Government Taxes on services and interests: PYG 3,690,000.-
  • Net disbursement to customer: PYG 96,310,000.-
  • Total to be paid (interest + capital): PYG 143.090.000.-

The calculation results in monthly installment of PYG 3,382,500 monthly, at a Effective APR of 40.9% which is within the limits established by the Central Bank of Paraguay.