Secured Credits

Profit from your properties.

Secured Credits, or Trust Guarantee is a legal figure, in which the CLIENT (Borrower or Truster) transfer to a Heritage that is administrated by the Trustee, the real state property, as guarantee of a credit operation (The property that in a traditional credit operation would be given on guarantee as Mortgage). In case of default payment situations, the Fiduciary have the responsibility to liquidate the property, to cover the client´s debt with Pasfin S.A.E.C.A. (Creditor). In case there is a remainder, it is return to the client. If there is no defaults and the debt is totally cancel, the Fiduciary return the property to the Client.

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How to get your Secured Credit?


Benefits - Secured Credits

  • The Guarantee Trust is similar to the Mortgage, but it have more benefits.
  • Lower costs in the process, and in the liquidation of the property in case of default payment situations.
  • The same property can guarantee future credit operations, without having to perform again the process of trust guarantee constitution.
  • Grater agility and flexibility in the process.
  • The property is non-sizable nature.
  • The autonomous equity can be formed without limits, this allows to incorporate other properties into the secured credit, which leads to increase the value of your credit line.

Maturity: Minimum 360 days - Maximum 5 years.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): Between 18% (minimum) and 36% (maximum).

The Effective APR applied to all the products we offer fluctuate according to supply and demand, but they respect the interest rate limits established in Article 1 of Law No. 2339/2003 "ORGANIZATION OF THE CENTRAL BANK OF PARAGUAY ", since we are aware that the excess can lead to the nullity of our operations.

Practical example for a 12 months installment loan of PYG 100,000,000.-

With the maximum rate allowed by CBP regulation:

  • Loan amount: PYG 100.000.000.-
  • Administrative expenses (2%): PYG 2,000,000.-
  • Transfer expenses: PYG 500,000.-
  • Total Capital to be financed: PYG 102,500,000.-
  • Government Taxes on services and interests: PYG 3,690,000.-
  • Net disbursement to customer: PYG 96,310,000.-
  • Total to be paid (interest + capital): PYG 143.090.000.-

The calculation results in monthly installment of PYG 3,382,500 monthly, at a Effective APR of 40.9% which is within the limits established by the Central Bank of Paraguay.